Stunning. It made it safe and sound. I cried. Thank you again for everything. If you ever need a letter of recommendation let me know!
T. Lacey
I love my picture! It is already hanging up on the wall next to the painting of his Mommy. I’m absolutely, totally in love with it. Thank you so much!
L. Duus
We’re ALL speechless. It is beyond anything I could have hoped for & as I knew, well worth the wait!!!

You got him absolutely perfectly. As soon as I lifted the first 1/2 of the foam board from the glass I was tearing up.

It is just truly stunning- it’s as if I’m looking at him sitting here watching me as he so often did as if he never left.

Thank you is not nearly good enough a term. You’ve given me not just a piece of art, but a bit of my boys wonderful being captured in a true treasure.

I’m most grateful for your kindness, hard work & sharing your very special talent with us.

This will truly always be a treasure to myself & our family.

All the very best!
Kate Schlachter

Kate S.
Sarah, you nailed it!

That’s my horse! You really did a great job. I will hang this next all his buckles. Now, I will always be able to remember him at his best.

Thank You So Much!!

R. Martin

You made a cop cry!

In fact all of us did. It is absolutely beautiful.

Thank you so much!

Dear Sarah.

Mercedes & Katya’s portrait arrived first thing this morning. It is so special to us. You captured their quiet moment so beautifully. We will treasure it.

Thank you so very much!

T. Keith